Friday, 30 September 2011

Nethermost Pike

Thursday 29th September

Today I went back and climbed Nethermost Pike from Wythburne car park at Thirlmere, after omitting to climb it with Grisedale Horseshoe (see recent post).

The parking ticket machine was "not in use" saving me £4.50.
7km (4.3m) - 742m (2434ft) of ascent
I just bought a Canon SX20 on Ebay - this is a bridge camera (in between compact digital and SLR). I took  pictures on Auto setting, then again on  Landscape setting. There was no doubt about  improved results on Landsacape in sharpness and colour. I laso tried the 20 x zoom giving good results even though hand held. This camera would be cumbersome on backpacking trips, but I may be tempted.

Here are some  results - it was hazy and not ideal:



Striding Edge with Catstye Cam behind, Helvellyn far left

Zoom to Striding Edge
20 x zoom from previous pic. (hand held)
Number of people met on the descent: 20 (not counting a party of 12 refurbishing the footpath).

For readers unfamiliar with UK geography:
Helvellyn is one of the trio of Lake District peaks over 3000ft, and therefore one of the most popular ascents, and  Striding Edge leads to its summit involving some mild scrambling and airy situations - the scene of many accidents. 

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