Saturday, 22 October 2011

Photoshop Painting - Attermire Scar

A new Photoshop painting is underway. The subject is Attermire Scar, a craggy limestone hill in the Yorkshire Dales.
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I start with the original photo in Photoshop, then put a white layer on top of it, and then make the white layer semi-transparent so that I can see the photo through that layer. I then draw the outline of the main features using a thin grey line with the Brush Tool. Next I bring the layer back to solid white showing the outline drawing. From then on I only use the photo for reference.

This post was conceived after I started my painting, otherwise I would like to have shown the sketch before I started applying colour and detail, but a lot of the sketch can still be seen - those lines are generally eliminated as I progress with the painting.

If the motivation continues I will post progressive versions.


It is 3:30 pm on Saturday, and so far there is nothing to report on Jill's imminent delivery - due date was 16th October, so we are on amber/red alert. Son William has moved in and is sleeping the caravan.

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