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My blog nick-name is SIR HUGH. I'm not from the aristocracy - my middle name is Hugh which relates to the list of 282 hills in Scotland compiled by Sir Hugh Munro in 1891. I climbed my last one (Sgurr Mor) on 28th June 2009


Monday, 10 October 2011

Whataloo (part 2)

For those who read John Proud's comment on my last post here is the picture of his "worst loo":

Obviously the work of a highly paid, double degree, "designer".


I am biding my time awaiting the moment when I convey daughter Jill to hospital for her expectancy. The due date is 16th October, but I reckon it could be any time now.



Anonymous said...

not so quick to condemn, gentlemen -
it is obvious that this is a compact naval head where basin is on a multi-link gantry which, with care, when you step on the edge of the cleverly designed triple basin/shower/pan tray, will swivel away and at the same time rip your clothes off to permit use of all facilities concurrently, and, on completion of the multi-tasking business, either tumble you into the sea or tip you out in a confused and gibbering heap.
Worthy of the great H Robinson himself, I venture.

The Crow said...

I was going to suggest that the basin must move out of the way, but Gimmer said it so much more entertainingly!

So, Sir Hugh, have you decided how you want to be addressed by your coming grandchild?

Sir Hugh said...

gimmer - thanks for your almost poetic contribution. I do not feel qualified to comment further, but maybe John P. will enlighten us, although, if your explanation is correct, it would tend to spoil things a bit - better left as an enigma.

The Crow - I suppose it will be the traditional "Grandad". Things are getting tense now moving from amber to almost red alert.

My blogonim is misleading, and only used in that context - the derivation is as follows: Sir Hugh Munro (circa 1900) was the compiler of the list of Munros (the 283 Scottish mountains over 3000ft) which I finished climbing two years ago, and my middle name is also Hugh.

The Crow said...

No babe yet?

Sir Hugh said...

Not yet. The due date was 16th. My son, who is a race engineer for a motor cycle racing team, hurried back from an event in Portugal and has now moved in and is sleeping in my caravan next to the house, and has vowed to stay until the event.

It is like The Phoney War here in England before the real thing got under way.

As soon as there is news I will post.

Thanks for your enquiry.

The Crow said...

First babies usually are late arrivals, but each seems to have a mind of its own.

I look forward to your good news, Conrad.