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Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Mick and Gayle (, the couple I met during my  LEJOG walk, are daily posting photos of their furthest east to furthest west trip last year (Lowestoft to Ardnamurchan). On Monday, 3rd October they posted a pic of a "superloo" discovered near Edinburgh.
Permission obtained 

I can't resist boasting about my best loo encounter.  I was introduced to this Aladdin's Cave by my brother Nick on a sailing trip in Sept 2008 starting from Inverkip, rounding the Kyles of Bute, and then to Tarbert (Knapdale) where the loo was proudly presented to me.

Have any other of my readers been there?

Are there any other contenders for best loo accolade?

If you want to see my worst loo encounter go to: worstloo


Anonymous said...

I cannot vouch for this personally, but I have heard tell of halls of fabled splendour at Kinloch Castle on Rum - these look as though they are from the same imperial portfolio!

John Proud said...

While on the dubious subject of loos I'm surprised you have not mentioned the Philharmonic Pub in Liverpool. Classic example of the opulent and the ladies have to ask permission to enter! Google it.Will send you a pic of my worst.

Sir Hugh said...

gimmer and jp - Thanks for your contributions. I was lead to Kinloch Castle's web site and read the history which is interesting, and similarly with the Liverpool Philharmonic pub. At the latter site I downloaded a photo of their impressive loo, but it is licensed requiring a complicated procedure to obtain permission for its use, and I dare not publish it online, but as John suggests you can easily see it byGoogling the pub. There are no such problems with jp's pic, and it will appear on my next post, hopefully sometime tomorrow.

Barrett Bonden said...

Best loo? It happened in 1965 during that holiday where you drove Mrs BB and me round Europe before we moved on to the US. We stayed the night at the home of a Swiss mountain guide where we were required to replace our shoes with felt sliders so that we didn't hurt his polished wood floors. Nowadays this wouldn't be so remarkable but I was impressed by the fact that all the pipes in the bathroom were not only external but furnished in what looked like stainless steel. As I sat on the throne of easement I wondered how much it had all cost and decided it was well worth flaunting.

Sir Hugh said...

BB - I envy your vivid memory for events occurring over fifty years ago - I do remember quite a lot about that expedition but not that in particular.

As one who has wrestled too often trying to neatly route copper pipes I have a similar sense of awe as you do when I see the job well done.

Anonymous said...

as we seem to be getting pretty nostalgic here, might I heap pelion and comment that it is not memory that makes 2011-1965 significantly less than 50?