Saturday, 13 April 2013

Marilyn's rest day

I have said before that I can tolerate walking in the rain providing I am wearing good gear, and views, even if only intriguing glimpses, are possible.

This morning I drove to SX 158 800 the starting point for Brown Willy (please, no jokes - I've thought of too many unpublishable ones as a title for this post). Visibility was down to about a hundred yards and it was sheeting with rain. I hung around for nearly an hour sat in the car and then returned to the caravan.

Whilst I am motivated to climb as many Marilyn's as I can, I know I will never do all 2016, so there is not the pressure experienced with the Munros or the Corbetts when you know completion is attainable. I am pretty sure that if Brown Willy had been one of the last, say twenty Munros, I would have been up there walking on compass bearings and feeling heroic afterwards.

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