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Friday, 12 April 2013

Three Marilyns and a Cornish

The show was back on the road this morning. A ninety odd mile drive saw me on the north coast of Cornwall where I ascended White Downs (SW 420 357) with blue sky and rolling white clouds. This Marilyn overlooks Bosigran, one of the best rock climbing cliffs in the country, and the scene of the most terrifying experience of my life on a climb called Paragon about fifteen years ago. This was my second revisit to this venue as I had also walked past it on the coast path on my LEJOG walk in 2008.

A nostalgic drive up the coast followed and then inland to find Cammanellis (SW 696 364). I was worried about this one because research had established that it is on private land as well as being home to a large transmission mast. A short very rough track leads up to a house about half a kilometre off the road. Just before the house a track leads off to the trig point and mast, but it is guarded by a gate with FOUR padlocks, and all bounded by high wire fencing. I called at the house and explained to a friendly guy with a pony tail and all the appearance of a Cornish pirate. He was amused about my mission and suggested I should video myself at the trig and post the result on YouTube. He showed me a way round the gate, and then I found the wire fence had been broken down giving access to the trig point.

Since conceiving this trip I had been anticipating renewed acquaintance with a proper Cornish pasty, and at the rate I was going I would soon be out of Cornwall, so a short change of priorities ensued as I stopped off in Roche on the way to Hensbarrow Beacon (SW 997 575). HB is a dull flat topped hill amongst massive excavations over a huge area of what I think is china clay.

I am now feeling uncomfortably full in the caravan after devouring the Cornish pasty along with a tin of mushy peas.

From White Downs. A tiny white spot
above the top right corner of the trig
is Pendeen lighthouse with Land's End

On the descent. Bosigran sticks
up into the sea.

Cammanellis. Trig to left of fence

China clay workings from Hensbarrow Beacon

The reward

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the photographs as requested Conrad.

    I've never climbed at Bosigran but of course know it by reputation, so I had a a look on the internet for 'Paragon' and found a route description. Sounds interesting to say the least.

    I wonder where you are off to next?