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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Day 3 part 2

You may get this before the regular day's post which won't go without 3g because of photos.

I should have known when they wanted to keep my credit card behind the bar, but I either ate there or starved. The Barge Inn at Honeystreet was my only choice. I paid for everything up front, main course, dessert and two beers and never let the card out of my sight. The clientele were mainly outside but those that came in were covered in tattoos, wearing cowboy hats and camouflage trousers, as well as one skinhead and his mahoican mate.

A guy who looked semi business sat at a nearby table with a laptop which he studied intently whilst continually smiling, whilst his huge plate of burger and chips remained untouched for over quarter of an hour. All this was to the accompaniment of pop music and the rattle-click-tumble-thump of the pool table.

I reckoned fish and chips would be the safest option. They were the worst I can remember. Fatty, unimaginative chips, batter like soggy cardboard, and worst of all, SKIN LEFT ON, and some bones to boot.

The beer, a local Honeystreet brewery was surprisingly good - a rounded bitter with a slightly sweet finish.

The girl behind the bar said it had been quiet all day. I'm not surprised.

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