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Friday, 12 July 2013

Froxton to Honeystreet

Day 3 - Thursday 11th July

Breakfast was scheduled for 7:30. The door to downstairs was locked with a notice saying it would be opened at 7:30. I had tried yo get one jump ahead so I was ten minutes early. I waited until 7:45 having knocked on the door several times when nother regular guest arrived and showed me the way outside via the emergency exit. The pub was locked and there was nobody to be seen. The other guest, who seemed familiar with things went off , I think, to the owner's house.

Eventually things were opened up some time after 8:00. I was cross, but didn't want to miss breakfast so I ended up with a start an hour later than I wanted.

In view of all that I marched hard for over three hours and then it became uncomfortably hot and I was suffering, but the scenery was getting better all the time. This canal is not as busy or commercialised as I had imagined, and there are long stretches of verdant scenery when you see nobody, with the odd narrow boat put-putting by, The railway is ever present and mostly very close, but not apparent because of trees, but when a train comes you really here it. It seems a shame in this gentle environment, but geographically this is major line of communication in England, and I suppose it was always inevitable that a railway would be established, especially when steam became dominant and made the canals redundant.

The only place of refreshment today was Pewsey Wharfe where there is a cafe. I got there at 1:45 and had a pot of tea for two and a toasted tea cake. It was now another 6km to my b and b. at Honeystreet. I was weary, and it was still hot, although there has always been much intermittent shade with tees along the canal. I set a steady pace which did enable me to enjoy this last lap.

I now have to walk nearly a kilometre to the pub for my meal at the Barge Inn back on the canal. I'm looking forward to the meal but not the walk.

Here were some cows crossing the bridge and looking over- quite comical. I can't see it very well on the small iPhone pic but you may if you enlarge.

Lady Bridge - the lady landowner insisted on having a fancy one.

Cyclists on the bridge. I had just pinched the bench seat in the shade.

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John J said...

Brilliant photo of the cow looking at you from the bridge! The photo enlarges well when you click on it.


High Horse said...

Soooooo hot today! Hope you had the sun cream on! Got your text - see you on Sat xx