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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Honeystreet to Semington

Day 4 - Frday 12 th July ( last night)
"The golden evening brightens in the West.
Soon, soon to faithful warriors comes their rest."
An enjoyable day full of interest passing through Devizes ( café) and onwards through incredible heat to The Three Magpies (pint of orange and lemonade) , signposted from the canal for 281 yards. I told him if it had been 282 I wouldn't have bothered, but I suppose he's heard that one before.
From Devizes onwards it has been busier with boats and pedestrians and cyclists, but not unpleasantly so.
There are more of the sea going broad beam barges about giving everything a grater sense of adventure. I had a long chat with one owner who was a professional steel boat builder. He had toured French canals with his boat - a most interesting conversation. He told me that dredging around here had recently been done for the first time since the sixties, some measure of the integrity of these canals.
I am now at the Somerset Arms at Semington taking my "rest" and will report later on anything eventful. There is almost no signal here so I reckon this will not go until tomorrow (Saturday)

Going through Devizes.

Water lilies

The sea going barge and owner. I've done my best with this. I can identify nothing on the iPhone. When I take pics with it I can see absolutely nothing in the screen, i just have to point and shoot, and hop for the best.

The famous Caen Hill Locks. There are about 25 one after the other with a bit of parking space in between. Boats can take a couple of days to pass through. Fortunately I was walking in the descending direction.

The Somerset Arms where I am tonight.
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