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Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Somerset Arms

The Somerset Arms is a proper inn. I had a good welcome by the boss, and he reacted positively to my request for breakfast left for me to enable an earlier start than their weekend breakfast from 8:00am. Food is thoughtfully prepared. I had a pork steak on mash with a mustard sauce - sounds run of the mill, but that doesn't matter if it is done well done and it was.

Without noticing I had chosen a table close to the tropical fish tank which proved to be a great attraction for parents to show to their children, so my meal was accompanied by squeals of delight, more grown up comments from rising 8 year olds, and encouraging attempts at education by parents. I am sat here typing all this and wondering if they are beginning to suspect that I am some sort of good food guide inspector. I chatted with the lady who told me she had been to look at the infamous Barge Inn where I ate lat night. If Somerset got their hands on it that would be good news.

There was a bit of a mess up with my order and I was served the wrong meal, but the change was made pronto. The test anywhere is what happens when something goes wrong, or you want something outside the system, and here all that this was handled with efficiency of the oil in a Ferrari. The only downside was loud Musatc, but I am beginning to think that is just something I am getting paranoid about.

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John J said...

It all seems to be going swimmingly well - just watch the heat!


Sir Hugh said...

JJ - Thanks for your comment - you can read the final chapter now.