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My blog nick-name is SIR HUGH. I'm not from the aristocracy - my middle name is Hugh which relates to the list of 282 hills in Scotland compiled by Sir Hugh Munro in 1891. I climbed my last one (Sgurr Mor) on 28th June 2009


Sunday, 24 November 2013

Lulu, relics and some walking.

I have been busy recently;

1.Finalising my seventh Lulu (self publishing) book, this one covering my walks last summer.

2. Chasing elusive geocaches. One in particular is a double whammy, the first cache, which I only found after three visits, gives coordinates to another which promises to be even more adventurous than the rock climbing ones. More of that later IF, and when I return.

3. Visiting my brother in Darlington who has Alzheimer's and has now had to enter a retirement home.

The book is written in a Microsoft Word template specified by Lulu. It then has to be converted to a PDF file to upload. Because of cumbersome file sizes with many photos I had five separate PDFs and had to find how to merge them - free software found on Internet. Halfway through, the PC (Parallels software) partitioned part of my MAC started running out of space. I had to convert more of my MAC hard disk to PC - a frightening step into the unknown. That sounds nerdish, but when one accomplishes an advanced, to oneself, computing task one just has to shout about the triumph to someone. I suppose I could have waited until the next person came walking down my road - that would have made a good Thurber cartoon, memories of, "I come from haunts of Coot and Tern". Unfortunately that little triumph isn't as  good a story as loosing  all five years blog photos then getting them back which happened to me some time ago.


Gimmer joined my regular Thursday walk with Pete.

Finding new, circular, six mile walks reasonably close to home is becoming increasingly difficult without overlapping or coinciding with previous routes.

Drama not far from the start. Road closed (not for us) because of huge fallen tree branch

Gimmer and Pete in intensive chat-up mode with the bonny lass from the contractors.
 The tree would need to be felled, but the trunk was rotten so impossible to predict direction of fall if cut at base, therefore would need to be done bit by bit. We speculated on the cost. The contractors had already travelled from Appleby to Staveley.

Crossing the Kent at Hagg Foot

Side House and waterfall

One for my Relics collection. There is much rich and interesting colouration here, especially if click to enlarge. Could be subject of a painting. I like the half submerged wheels.

The weir on The Kent above Stavley


mike M said...

Is wear the same as weir, or have you erred? And what is a "side house"? Beautiful pictures of the stream and house-beautiful countryside, and good description of the triumph and tragedy of bit management!

Sir Hugh said...

mike M - Thanks for pointing that out, it has now been sorted, but unfortunately my journalistic brother will still know about it from these comments unless he spotted it before you.

With Geocaching you can elect to receive an email when a new cache is planted within a certain radius and you can then have the debatable honour of being ftf, (first to find), but competition is usually fierce. You scored well here responding to my new post, ftc (first to comment).

Side House is just its name, I suppose because it is on the side off the steam.

welshpaddler said...

Publishing just in time to catch the Christmas market.When is the book tour planned?

welshpaddler said...

Publishing just in time to catch the Christmas market.When is the book tour planned?

Sir Hugh said...

Welshpaddler - I'm waiting for the reviews first.