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Monday, 25 November 2013

For bloggers "Two Blondes Walking"

I reckon I've tracked you down!


Roderick Robinson said...

Far better to have left them the unidentified source of vivid, swinging and personally stylish prose. The photo cannot lie but it can diminish. Mystery always beats reality.

Sir Hugh said...

RR - That is not real it is a spoof. If that was apparent to you are you suggesting that I have now provided a physical mental picture for people instead of leaving them with their imagined version?

mike M said...

Not apparent it was a spoof. Isn't this a common sight in the UK? Quite a bit of mystery remains here in any case. The lilting voices, the aromas, the inevitable disrobing, etc.

Sir Hugh said...

All - Oh dear! Two blondes Walking is a blog written by two ladies who love Dartmoor and have created a sort of mystery about their identity.

When I received my membership stuff for the LDWA yesterday that photo just sparked off what I thought was an amusing connection.

Long may the two blondes remain anonymous and carry on with their good work.

John J said...

When my copy of Strider pooped through the letterbox the same thought crossed my mind - particularly as that issue has pics from this year's LDWA100 which was across Dartmoor.


Blonde Two said...

The name is Blondes - Two Blondes.

We all love a mystery and obviously Mystery Blondes are a double whammy!

We are the Two Blondes - it would be great fun to be able to see what we looked like in our readers' imaginations.

In our heads we look amazing and never, ever struggle up hills.

I particularly like "Vivid, swinging and personally styled." Definitely us (and our writing!)

Sir Hugh said...

JJ - I 'm heartened to find a kindred spirit.
Blonde 2 - welcome to you, your writing and sense of humour.