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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Plonker of the year award

Today I was cleaning my car. A guy pulled up on the other side of the road to visit my neighbour. The road is not wide enough for two cars so it was blocked. He folded his mirror and went to visit. Another car arrived so he had to return. He pulled his car across the top my neighbour's drive on my side of the road and asked me if he could park there. I said that was not for me to say. Thirty yards up the road, and visible from the venue of this incident, and quite obvious, it is possible to park on the side of the road with no problem.

What is wrong with people? Just for the sake of walking thirty yards. Or am I just a grumpy old man?


mike M said...

Soggy with sense of entitlement. Bereft of consideration for others. Gone to hell.
Picking up food pantry give-outs in new 4WD SUV's...while texting on smart phones.
I will keep the more colorful language in my "own patch", with my smart-assing.

The Crow said...

Have you changed your nickname?

I would find the man's behavior cause for grumping, too. Surely there is a place on the frigid outskirts of Hades for those who think so little of others.

Thirty yards is less than the length of my yard - sheesh, the unmitigated gall! (Now you've got me doing it!) :}

AlanR said...

It happens everywhere. What is wrong with people, they know, but don't give a damn. When the caring generation have all gone. Mayhem will take over and i dread to think about it.
Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

there is a remedy - but you have to be prepared to use so-called (anti-) social media
make a phone-video and post it on you-tube or some other such 'service'
even a photo sent to the local paper can be effective - don't bother with the police - they have more important matters to attend to, which can include rescuing cats
in the old days, spontaneous deflation of tyres used to occur but these days that is called criminal damage
make sure the registration plate is clearly visible -for evidence purposes, of course, no other

afootinthehills said...

Self-absorbed is how I describe them. And the world becoming increasingly full of them Conrad.

gimmer said...

did you suggest that to him?
what did he say and/or do, in the end?
mike M's comment concurs with my suspicion about such 'food banks' - there may be genuine users, but I am certain that, just as there are shameless abusers of the benefit system, a free food source with no checks or comebacks run by ingénues, often with a political agenda, is a classic scrounger's charter: simply too good a scam to miss. Vouchers every time, to foil the cheats.
Maybe I spent too long on the streets of Bombay and Calcutta to believe in the genuineness of much of that sort of thing, even at Xmas - in case Scrooge come to people's minds!
Despite which, or more probably because of which, for 32 years I have supported a small but amazing organisation which works in India amongst the almost helplessly poor and downtrodden, which ensures every penny really does go to work in the best long-term ways: google it, and be prepared to be humbled.
Then join or just pay up - The Karuna Trust.
It'll be one of the best things you ever did - for Christmas - or maybe your whole life!

Sir Hugh said...

All - As so often happens you think of what you would have wanted to do after the event. I think he returned and departed after a few minutes when I had gone into the garage. If I had the chance I would certainly have given him a piece of my mind, and regret I wasn’t thinking quickly enough to do so earlier.

Anonymous said...

Let the season of good will envelope you and leave the selfish to get on with their own lives, without allowing the episode to ruffle you.
A pensioner died last week in an argument over a supermarket parking place! What was that about?
We have reached a stage in our lives when we should let things pass.

Sir Hugh said...

BC - The drivers and car parking combination is a mystery. The lengths people will go to to avoid walking less than fifty yards is incomprehensible. Often they will squeeze in, leaving the car more vulnerable to damage by door opening and supermarket trolleys, or spend ages waiting for someone else to vacate a spot.

My mission is to park my car in the least likely spot for it to be damaged by others.

Blonde Two said...

You blokes are funny about parking spaces.

That is all I am going to say on this matter.

Sir Hugh said...

Blonde Two - I'm not sure if getting my last comment in before yours lets me off your hook, or whether you are saying that males treat the whole subject, whether done badly or well, as completely out of proportion.

Blonde Two said...

Sir Hugh: I came to the conclusion long ago that men are over-protective of their "territory" whatever form that should take. This is not necessarily an unattractive quality.

Blonde Two said...

Sir Hugh: I came to the conclusion long ago that men are over-protective of their "territory" whatever form that should take. This is not necessarily an unattractive quality.

welshpaddler said...

I was recently asked if I was a grumpy old man and I replied I was and also a nimby and proud of it.
Whilst volunteering at the National Botanical Garden of Wales as a high powered parking chap I was asked if their car could be parked near the entrance as they had 2 children. I politely said no!!!!

Sir Hugh said...

WP - Good man.