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Friday, 27 December 2013

What did you accomplish in 2013?

Well, perhaps all those posts over the last year were my version of a Donald Crowhurst (Google, or see my post: Whither the next TGO, 6th July 2013).

Here is what I have really been up to:

How many possible games are there?

Wikipedia says:
 There are 52! (i.e., 52 factorial), or approximately 8×1067, distinct deals. However... 

...yes, it can get a lot more complicated than that. If you have any nerdish, or mathematical inclinations at all you would be in heaven looking at the Wikipedia entry.


Katie update.

Playing with dolls' house, Christmas morning


The Crow said...

Wow! Your stats make me look like a real slacker! But, then, I don't think I've ever left my computer on for 13+ hours. I'll leave the computations to you!

Re: Katie - she is growing into a lovely toddler, Conrad. I love how she seems lost in the dollhouse world she is creating. Good shot!

mike M said...

Yes, a lovely Christmas photo.

Sir Hugh said...

The Crow - are you a Freecell addict? The stats are recorded in: Freecell < History. I'm not so nerdish to have compiled all that stuff myself.

The Crow and Mike M - I submit to the principle that one in a thousand photos will be good by the laws of chance and maybe that was one - here's to the next one thousandth.

The Crow said...

Freecell, Spider solitaire and mahjong titans. Just finished killing the cat in mahjong, in fact.

I will check out the history in freecell to see what I've done with my life so far! :-)

mike M said...

At the last possible moment in 2013 I took Beth's advice and downloaded a Kindle app to my pc, then purchased your brother's latest novel! Oh...and I also discovered both your blogs in 2013, making it a very good year!

gimmer said...

from personal experience, I hereby certify that you acheived much more than playing video and computer games: much more: thanks!
good one of katie - only two - hardly credible - I most liked the one of her at the desk - in command already!
look forward to many heights and highlights in 2014.

Sir Hugh said...

mike M - I wish you good reading. The Kindle idea is good for me on backpacking trips eliminating carrying heavy books.

Gimmer - Well, that post was a bit tongue in cheek.

I presume you are referring to the photo of Katie with the Dolls' House, not a desk.

gimmer said...

ditto - but not the planning, of course

Katie - no, the one where she has her hand on hip: without checking, I thought she looked about to issue orders (now, looking at it more closely, she is musing, a la Gray, on a model of what might be a sort of Long Kennet longbarrow, with a backdrop of Tarnhows wallpaper, so not quite commanding - as yet, anyway).
The Doll's House - equally perceptive, definitely not with Ibsen-ish foreboding, more wonderment: a perfect moment.