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Friday, 17 January 2014

Removing a follower


I have now reinstalled my followers and successfully removed the undesirable one.

If you open Blogger Dashboard and look below the title of your blog you will see information saying how many posts and page views there have been and the number of followers on the blog.

Click on the number of followers and you will see them all.

Click on the one you want to banish and select "block".

It has taken me much time and searching to achieve what seems to be a very simple operation, but as always  help menus never seem to contain a solution and the best way is to Google the problem and hear what others have to say; thanks to all those geeks out there.

Thanks also to Gibson (Afoot in the Hills) for encouraging me to persist.


gimmer said...

did this banished 'follower' actually make comments which you deleted almost immediately or make his or her views known to you privately ? in which case why did he/she bother to become a 'follower'?
seems most curious

Sir Hugh said...

Gimmer - replied via email.

afootinthehills said...

I feel very guilty Conrad.

When you found an undesirable Follower I checked mine, found several that were little more than adverts for gear, holidays etc and managed to find out how to block them.

Later I returned to your blog intending to suggest that you add the Follower gadget from the Layout page (is that what you did?)in the hope that your Followers reappeared. However I then saw that you had added the 'Follow by Email' box and assumed you had decided to avoid the risk of unwanted Followers by not reinstating the gadget. I now wonder whether the Follow by Email box has always been on your blog but gone unnoticed by me. Anyway, I immediately subscribed.

So,I could have saved you a lot of trouble and research but didn't - hence the pangs of guilt!

I have now added the Follow by Email box to my blog.

Sir Hugh said...

Hi Gibson - During my attempt to reinstate I came across the "follow by e-mail" gadget and installed it. I think it was next day when I finally resolved the whole problem and reinstated the followers minus the undesirable. Thanks for your help and interest.