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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Nearly as good as a Munro

Tosson Hill NZ 004 982 440m

Remote peak - need to summit two others on the way.

Mist covered all at start. Cleared to perfect day as I arrived at summit.

Two hours to summit compares with Munro times.

Classic ridge/edge walking reminiscent of Derbyshire edges, but higher and more remote - extensive views and rock climbing crags.

The distant trig point and lots of heather in bloom.

Interesting climbing crags snapped on the way back.

Looking down to my car on the way back - the light patch on the other side of the road.

Arriving back at the car I had time to drive to:

Long Crag NU 062 069 319m

I was up and down in just under two hours including fifteen minutes sat in the shade of the trig point having a munch and coffee. Half the walk was on a well constructed but very rugged Forestry Commission road - hard going. The second half was on good peat paths mitigating the uncomfortable FC road.

I tried to think of a simile for walking on this road but when you see the photo there is no need.


Road/bridge closure update.

I have now found out the bridge to be closed is not the one leading into Bellingham, so no problems now.

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The Crow said...

The only simile (not sure I have it right, though)is about the paving material called good-intentions.

Not exactly right, is it?