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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Flore to Fox Hill Farm (west of Moreton Pinkney)

Day 8. Wednesday 27th May

I called at the village store in Flore this morning. It is run by a likeable and personable guy called Ash and we had a long chat. He came to the UK from Kenya in 1975 with nothing and worked as a postman for sixteen years. He now has this store and a son who is an accountant and a daughter who is a solicitor. As a boy in Kenya he remembered walks in the Rift Valley region with make-do equipment and an abundance of all the African animals which would now be scarce. He became disillusioned with all the corruption in Kenya.

It was not possible to book as far ahead distance-wise as I wanted so today was a relaxed twelve miles or so through varied and interesting scenery.

At Canons Ashby there is a National Trust house with accompanying tea rooms where I dallied.

Further on, coming out of Moreton Pinkney I met a resident lady dog walker and we walked together for ten or fifteen minutes. She had played hockey for Yorkshire, and I think England and had also played cricket - a pleasant encounter.

They call these kissing gates. They are normally wood construction but this is vintage iron de-luxe at the entrance to the churchyard coming out of Flore

Grand Union Canal

Church Stowe church and the Nene valley

Interesting flint architecture in Farthingstone

The National Trust tea room at Canons Ashby

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