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Monday, 25 May 2015

Medbourne To Maidwell (Blueberry Lodge, 1.5 miles south)

Day 6. Monday 25th May

Mixed country walking today with waterproof on and off a few times The usual menu of cow trodden fields, crop fields, old country tracks and a bit of Tarmac. The scenery is often expansive with the rolling hills and although there is a sameness it is attractive. I had several encounters with cows with calves, and accompanied by the odd bull - they all seemed benign except for their strange combination of curiosity and nervousness.

I arrived in Braybrooke looking for a bench for a rest and munchies. I found the bench opposite the Methodist church where a lady was busy with a hosepipe unblocking a drain. We shared greetings across the road AND SHE OFFERED ME A CUP OF TEA which duly arrived. Then a local couple dog walking turned up and we had a good chat about my walk which always astounds people, and also about his semi retirement from the world of computers.

Further on I missed a turning off a track and had to improvise to find the tunnel entrance at Great Oxendon. The Macmillan Way follows a disused railway line from here to Maidwell including another even longer tunnel. Glad I brought my headtorch, but it struggled because my eyes took ages to adjust from bright sunlight.

I was booked in to Blueberry Lodge one and a half miles south west of Maidwell at the terminus of a minor road, but bang on the MW. This a huge three sided courtyard building part of which is for holiday stays and in my case B and B. I have a full ground floor suite with living room and kitchen, and a full en suite bathroom. All the interior has been furbished to the highest standards, and in good taste. I was given a lift there and back to eat at the pub in the village.

Expansive views with contrasting crops

Most paths up the side of crop fields are wider than this, but this was not bad walking - typical of the walk so far

Tunnel number one

Tunnel number two

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afootinthehills said...

Following your journey whenever Highland Wi-Fi behaves. Sounds as if you are in more interesting country now.

Anonymous said...

Northamptonshire is a beautiful county, most under-rated. I've walked through one of those tunnels while following the Jurassic Way, which interweaves with the Macmillan Way for a few sections. Dark and spooky :)

Sir Hugh said...

Afoot - thanks for the comment. I'm glad somebody is following.


Coastal walker - hi Ruth. Yes, I was like a little boy anticipating the adventure of the tunnels, but can't say I enjoyed them very much.