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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Near Maidwell to Flore

Tuesday 26th May

Last night I noticed in my room at the superbly appointed Blueberry Lodge a feature which summed up the whole experience. The bed head was obviously prone to touching the wall, so the feet of the bed were blocked away from the skirting board. The blocks were two beautifully crafted wooden boxes which had contained obviously expensive Havana cigars. I didn't look to see if they were empty or not.

I had a good breakfast from the supplies in the kitchen then Amanda arrived with a bacon sandwich wrapped in foil. I saved that for later.

It was a happy sunny morning with sunlight catching trees, hedgerow blossom, and fields of rape with particular definition, brightness and clarity.

In Creaton a sign said COFFEE SHOP OPEN. It was run by the United Reform Church. The coffee and freshly baked scone were excellent as well as chat with an ex-pat Scottish couple from Fife which of course was a matter of mutual praise for Bonnie S.

Approaching Great Brington one side of the road was lined with an ancient high brick wall. I discovered this enclosed Althorp, the ancestral home of Earl Spencer, brother of the late Princess Diana. I rested on a welcome bench outside the church in Great Brington where apparently some of the Spencer aristocracy also lie at rest, and enjoyed my Blueberry Lodge bacon sandwich.

Just before destination I crossed over the M1. The madness and ridiculous pace of life is always accentuated when you see this after several days of walking through tranquil countryside.

I am booked in at the Holiday Inn at Flore. I've spent over an hour ringing for accommodation for tomorrow night and at the last gasp found room at Foxhill Farm between Moreton Pinkney and Eydon ( more English village names for RR).

After that the wifi function between camera and iPad has gone awry so I can't post any photos for the moment - pity because I got some good ones early this morning.

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