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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Stow-on-the-Wold to the Inn at Fossebridge

Sunday 31st May

I soon left behind the expensive Stow tourist Mecca this morning having survived the night in the YHA dorm with the only one of ten who snored on the bunk above me.

Out in the country I was going well and feeling fit on improved path surfaces. Terrain is important and hugely varied on this kind of walk but most of the MW is not bad going, but occasionally there are sections of long wet grass with nettles and a tall plant with white flowers that looks a bit like opened up cauliflower. We used to call it "step mother's blossom" but that may not be correct.

I have walked through many of these Cotswolds villages now and you never seem to see anybody. There are immaculate gardens but nobody tending to them or enjoying them. Then there are the very large houses with security gates again apparently lifeless.

I met a dog walker gent at Lower Slaughter who told me about a prosperous p.r. guy who had bought a farmhouse to the north for millions (must be the same guy Gimmer commented about a few posts back) and dismantled it, dug a huge hole in the ground to accommodate a full size swimming pool and then rebuilt the farmhouse stone by stone on top with many other expensive trimmings. This must have cost several more millions - where do these people get that kind of money? Once you have created such a domain I reckon the rest of your life is spent dealing with specialist gardeners, pool contractors, security people, general domestic staff, and many others needed to keep things up to standard. Well if that's what you enjoy ok, but it wouldn't be my choice. I say keep things simple and have more time to pursue your genuine interests.

Two more wealth indicators: for the last two or three days there have always been one or two small aircraft continuously in the sky presumably teaching people to fly, and the constant sound of twelve bores. Today twelve bore shots sounded in the distance every two or three seconds for over four hours - clay shooting I guess, but work out how many cartridges must have been expended.

Here at The Inn at Fossebridge there is no wifi in the rooms, only the bar, but everything else is fine. There is no Vodafone or Orange signals, but the lady let me use the office phone to ahead for tomorrow's accommodation, which for the first time was successful at the first try - bank holiday over thankfully.

Camera photo thing has gone unto rebellion again so photos to follow when I have given thing a good thrashing.

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The Crow said...

Over here, we refer to "a good thrashing" (regarding electronic and ordinary mechanical devices) as `percussive maintenance`.

Although I don't comment that often, I do enjoy reports of your travels, the people you meet and the obstacles you overcome.

I find your observation on all of the above a pleasure to read. How much longer do you expect to be out and about? Are there any places you'd return to, would like to spend a bit more time in?

Take care, Conrad.

gimmer said...

certainly of that ilk
have i told you the one about turning billionaires into millionaires being life's purpose for a yacht's engineer i met in antibes ?
many of the same lurking behind the staff entrances of the houses you are passing
the owners, however, are elsewhere most of the time, as you identify, but have priced out the locals long ago
but it is not that new - the cotswolds grew rich on the wool trade centuries ago - now, pulling wool over the public's eyes seems to be the thing - indeed the source lode of your correspondent's anecdote and the reported folly.

Anonymous said...

Glad you survived the YHA dorm experience. Hope you get the photos working soon. In meantime, am very much enjoying accompanying you on your walk, even if only in virtual reality :)

Sir Hugh said...

The crow - thanks for your comments - they are always welcome especially on a walk like this. Part of the motivation this time was to visit part of my country I had not seen in detail before. Whilst it is very attractive I have found that it can't compare with the more mountainous regions in the UK which I love, so I won't be hurrying back. I reckon I will be going another week or so to get to the south coast.


Gimmer - we may talk in more detail later. I'm a bit wary about putting too much on the blog.


Coastal walker - hi Ruth. Photos now back on stream. I' m enjoying following your blog also.