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Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Ship Inn, Surfleet-Seas-End to Thurlby, Lincs.

Day 2. Thursday 21st May

The Ship Inn was good - everything one would expect from a good hotel. I had a comprehensive individual baked fish pie. The only downside was no plug close enough to my bed to plug in the iPhone, oh dear!

Today I walked for nine and a half hours which included half an hour wasted going up the wrong river for quarter of an hour.

All the route so far has been on raised river banks or levees, today following the River Glen. That river ceases to be tidal opposite the Ship Inn where I stayed by virtue of a sluice. Above that it is slow moving, quite pretty and prolific with bird life, but the levees do become a bit boring and tomorrow I will be finished with them heading for Stamford.

Again I only met two dog (Springer Spaniel) ladies who chatted and another guy who walked past me with no intention of speaking. This is a major UK long distance path which so far has been quite well maintained with a few short exceptions. I purposely chose to walk out of school holidays but I am surprised not to see any other serious walkers.

Tonight I am in a private room at the YHA, BUT, make your own bed (putting duvet covers on is one of my all time hate jobs), no wi-fi, no food, not even breakfast, and no shop sales, no towels, don't open until 5:00 pm, just a bed for £35. That was what I paid at my first night B and B which was as good as a three star hotel with breakfast included.

I have walked quarter of a mile to the village pub where I have just had one of those pies with a suet pastry lid which was ok, but there wasn't a single original item in the menu.

Weather has been sunny but windy and getting warmer.

Photos to follow - forgot to bring camera to pub.

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