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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Evershot to Abbotsbury

Day 21. Tuesday 9th June (LAST DAY)

My reasoning about the YHA stopover was flawed*.

Taking into account the off-route distance I realised I could get to the finish at Abbotsbry in more or less the same time and have a night there. That would put me in a position to take any early morning transport out of A that may be available. I had pre-booked the hostel, non-refundable, about £18 I think and I have written that off and walked to Abbotsbury today. I did phone YHA to cancel.

I just wasn't happy about spending my final, supposedly celebratory night in a non-catering, dormitory only hostel

I met and chatted with several farmers on their land and they were all pleasant and interesting. The last one chatted with me whilst he went round the back end of his tractor injecting grease into grease nipples - I found this curiously interesting. I suppose at the cost of these present day monsters it pays to look after them.

In the Ilchester Arms, here in Abbotsbury draught cider outnumbers draught ale by two to one on the pumps. I am no great lover of cider. In my room I couldn't open the original 15/16/17 century window without breaking it and having stripped for a shower found I couldn't reduce the temperature from lethal hot. I had to get dressed again and go back to Reception for assistance. A guy came who may be a rugby player and that attribute combined with local knowledge, and his weight thrown against the window got a result. When this window is supposedly closed there is still a three quarter inch gap letting cold air in. He then spent over five minutes fiddling with the shower before getting it to some sort of re-set which proved that I was not just another befuddled geriatric.

The cuisine is produced by an enthusiastic amateur I guess, but at least the menu is original. I had lemon sole with purple potato for a starter which was fine.

Chicken breast served with a red pepper risotto and some baby leeks was a brave effort, but the leeks were a little undercooked and still slightly gritty.

A dessert of perfectly ripe strawberries with pistachio and a fancy ice cream with other embellishments was also fine. All in all not a bad meal to finish off with.

If I had a restaurant the first thing I would do is provide comfortable chairs at the correct height in relation to the tables. After that having tables that don't wobble is another desireable.


* My father often appeared in court on behalf of clients as an expert on rating valuations. Quizzed by a clever barrister he was asked about a property he had probably not even visited.

"Mr. Robinson, how many floors has the property got?"

GR - " not as many as your argument on behalf of your client"

Partly designed by Gilbert Scot. I introduced the Pizza effect. Cattistock church

As I approached on the road I heard strange noises. It was this fellow expressing some dissatisfaction, and he was pawing the ground with a front foot. I went round by the road instead. I met the farmer's wife and she told me he (the bull) was harmless. Hmm!

Abbotsbury and Chesil Beach. I walked along that coast last year and was not inclined to go down there again and back from Abbotsbury especially as it was after 5:00 when I arrived and I want to be away in the morning.

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gimmer said...

well done - again, i enjoyed the walk enormously, without having any trouble with horses, dogs or jungles,
during which time I think I have done nothing much, so again admire the purposefulness of your 'randonees'.

re the mystery - indeed - one can muse to excess - maybe something mundane like a fatal heart attack (although that might lead to an alternative use of the barrow) to a call of nature interrupted by a call to lead the nation 'ex gratia' Cincinnatus, et cetera !

gimmer said...

your revised logic was impeccable - we'd all drink to that

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! On successfully finishing your walk and a day ahead of schedule. Despite overgrown paths, chewed-up ground and bulls, you made it. Have a safe journey home.

Sir Hugh said...

Gimmer - anything to save you from the dogs.


Coastal walker - thanks for your comment. I predicted twenty one days at the outset on the basis of 14 miles per day so I was on target thanks to my revised plan for the final night. Looking forward to further news of your journey round the clock - some interesting stuff to come.