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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Frampton Mansell to Hare and Hounds, Westonbirt

Day 14 - Tuesday 2nd June.

Worst day so far. Raining all day till late afternoon. Two foul-ups with the guide including an attempt and retreat in an impenetrable wood. Awful horse trashed paths, chest high rape fields, mud, pathless crop field, and an emergency toilet stop (almost a nasty disaster). I mentioned the conscientious pub two nights back insisting on refrigerating a pre-made sandwich, well last night a sausage bacon bap was prepared the night before and taken to my room for the morning. I ate half for my breakfast and I reckon that was the cause of my midday crisis. The other half was saved for lunch today but I never got to it and it will be binned.

I'm in this huge, expensive hotel - many bedrooms and the sort of place we used to have courses and meetings when I toiled with Yorkshire Bank. These places are soulless with waiters and bar staff rushing about pretending to be delivering efficient service, and pretending to have French accents.

No photos taken today and I'm too weary to type any more.

Perhaps a low point, or THE low point. From experience I will likely perk up tomorrow.

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Gayle said...

Impenetrable woodland? I shudder at the very thought!

I do hope it does prove that today was THE lowpoint and thus tomorrow will be much better.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, sounds like a horrendous day. Good weather is on its way and I'm sure things will improve soon. Best wishes for your walk today.

gimmer said...

sounds as though you had your fill of troubles yesterday - hope the improving countryside as you move south (although still some dull bits to go) with the improving weather lift the spirits and speed your steps.

Sir Hugh said...

All - my post for the next day confirms my return to gung-ho. Thanks for your encouragement.