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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Macmillan Way Slideshow

Here is the link to the full slideshow WITH CAPTIONS of my Macmillan Way walk:


Click on the first proper photo to start the slideshow. The little arrow to the right advances the photos manually (so you can gaze at each one for as long as you want).


John J said...

What a beautiful country we live in - we're just so lucky!

Sir Hugh said...

JJ - Yes, but you've got to put on your trail shoes or get on your bike to see it properly. Walking is best because you absorb it all more slowly and throughly. I often wonder about foreign visitors who come and just drive on motorways and A roads and think they have seen our country. The Macmillan Way may not be the best LDP in England but I am so pleased to have seen a large part of our countryside I had not previously visited. After completing the slideshow and running through it I wondered what I had been whinging about in my summary post, but of course the slideshow tends to show all the best bits, and even as you look at the photos of hard going terrain you are not feeling the frustration you do at the time.

gimmer said...

excellent and enjoyable
i think you really have captured the feel of 'the south' at the springtime of the year - almost overwhelmingly lovely, even at times a bit stifling in its prettiness and neatness (except many of the paths, with which I can concur - helps to deter visitors from one's land, you know) - very familiar as good examples of their types, for me viewed mainly from the car, buzzing about on business in those parts but also, and so one would hope, many walks and strolls through hill and vale and village very much like those you traversed.
Living there one takes it all for granted - but I imagine that, on balance, you too prefer the north countree !
I think it must have been a very satisfying walk, and enjoyable overall, with apparently good weather most of the time: a well conceived and executed plan.

Sir Hugh said...

gimmer - Thanks for your comment.

You are correct about my preference - the further north the better. I quote from a comment I made while I was in the middle of my walk on a recent post by Afootinthehills (Gibson McGeachie who lives in Scotland, and was complaining about the rain and the cold there).

"...I am toiling away down the country with a sweaty shirt stuck to my back and the sweat running into my eyes and thinking constantly about cool drinks, but your domain is really where my heart is. It was so uplifting to be back up there a few weeks ago"..