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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Nunney to Wyke (west of Bruton)

Day 18. Saturday 6th June

Breakfast included a long chat covering many points of mutual interest including the arts, and family and friends. Clare has a degree in music and has had an apparently active and varied life. That was the best stay of the trip to date.

Walking was again varied and enjoyable in good weather with about seventy five percent on decent tracks and paths and a lot of time on high with panoramic views. One section of track through a forest was a disgusting quagmire after horses and bikes and many paths were quite badly overgrown.

I am finding stiles more and more tiresome especially many that are in bad repair - they force me to bend my legs in ways my knee joints find unacceptable and I reckon I take much longer to negotiate them than the more able bodied. Their one merit is that they provide a good mini bench to sit on. I did that the other day with all my food and mobile tech spread around when a guy appeared wanting to come over. Sod's law because I am hardly seeing anybody on these country paths.

I arrived at my current destination, a farm offering B and B and vegetarian evening meal at 5:20 to what I would call a businesslike reception. A small vicious looking dog was barking at me from the other side of the fence with the obvious intention of savagery as the lady appeared. "I'm ok with dogs if their ok with me" I said, hoping the barking may just be show, but the lady came back with "he bites" and she put him inside somewhere. I hope the damn thing doesn't escape - I had a bad similar experience last year when I was bitten by a pub dog. Immediately I was told the meal would be at 6:00 and breakfast at 8:00 and there was no further attempt to make any conversation as the lady hurried off to whatever. I just managed to have a shower and presented myself promptly in a lonely dining room. I was served with homemade celery and celeriac soup and a homemade lentil bake, and finished off with Swiss roll, raspberries and cream. The food was good, but again there was no further attempt at conversation, and altogether a rather strange atmosphere. What a contrast with last night and this morning. I'm not really looking forward to breakfast tomorrow morning.

Good news: I managed to book a room in Sherbourne at the first attempt. That is always a big relief. Much time can be spent on that exercise.

This one for Katie really. Twas sent with a text message to her

Try keeping up your 2/3 mph average through this stuff

Numerous panoramas like this today. It feels good to be on high again

There's me talking about folks cutting off my feet when I ask them to snap me, now I've chopped part of this guy's ear off

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gimmer said...

you win some, lose some - so it goes
good B&B, bad one - maybe not only a balanced diet missing but a varied leibstand, perhaps;
it is the same when one parks for a moment across an unused field gate or track - either a machine developed for the juggernaut festivals in Orissa, driven by a banshee, emerges, needing immediate escape or access - or a bad-tempered hoitytoit screams up in her (not often a his, I find) 4x4 and castigates one for the microseconds delay in getting to ? the beautician ?
but rising ground dissolves such earth-bound mumps - you must be well into high Hardy country, together with a sniff of sea air - 'enjoy', as i have heard it said!

Sir Hugh said...

Gimmer - I have no problem with veggies. I could easily go ythat way myself. See my next post for more clues.