Thursday, 4 June 2015

Owl Cottage, Biddestone to Bradford-on-Avon

Day 16. Thursday 4th June.

Last night I ate at the pub in Biddestone. A fairly unusual item on the menu was an omelette stuffed with potatoes, peppers and onions et al. I do something similar at home so was curious to see someone else's version. I was well satisfied and its size was a challenge.

Breakfast at Owl Cottage was perfection for me in that all details were exactly as I prefer : a large pot of strong tea WITH A COSY that remained HOT throughout, streaky bacon done to a crispness, scrambled eggs not sloppy and not overdone, and thick cut, homemade marmalade with the thick cut in small pieces rather than unmanageable strips a couple of inches long - well done! They were also kind enough to to run me the mile and a half back onto my route, and also gave me a super cheese and tomato sandwich and fruit as a packed lunch. 'Twas all one hopes for at a B and B, much better than hotels.

A bright sunny day and varied ever interesting walking and only a short haul to Bradford-on-Avon made for an enjoyable day. At one stage I met two guys walking with a black Labrador and a Jack Russell and we walked together for a mile. They were good walkers and good company having done the Pennine Way and the Coast to Coast and various walks on the various downs.

The tourist info office in Bradford-on-Avon could not make bookings but suggested The Swan where I am now installed. The proprietor warned me that " parts of the building are 17th century and everything is not straight; be careful you don't put anything valuable on a table. It might slide off". I thought he was joking, but in my room it looked like something out of Alice in Wonderland. The floor is shaped like an upside-down dustbin lid - I thought I'd done with hill walking for the day but found myself doing just that getting places in the room.

There was half a mile of this early this morning

Why were they not out there munching the grass? Waiting for a bus perhaps?

By Brook which I followed on and off for a few miles. I saw trout rising

The guys I walked with. Their black Labrador got himself into this water and revolved round and round no doubt to cool from the heat of the day

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gimmer said...

they herd you were coming so clustered to wave as you passed by !
it sounds as though you are moving away from the pall of the Cotswolds (always a bit dull except along the escarpment, which your route seems to miss) and enjoying things again - I wonder who it was who contrived to get your B&B to put on that feast after the schoolmarmish confrontation -- must have been one of your followers - just the thing to start a jolly day.

bowlandclimber said...

Surprised you didn't make a comparison with that other Bradford almost-on-Aire.

Sir Hugh said...

Gimmer -you'll have to go on I've Hot News for You with puns like that.


Bowlandclimber - not a place I'm keen to remind myself of.