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Sunday, 28 June 2015



Sir Hugh said...

There was some text with this but it hasn't come across. I also sent a previous email post with 5 photos, but that hasn't arrived.

gimmer said...

what are you testing ? dexterity and thralldom at an earlyish age ? I believe that such instruments and devices should be withheld from people until at least 69 - need one ask "where are the pencils/crayons and paper' ? not entirely jesting - or is she 'up to speed' with those as well? seems and looks pretty smart to me, with an engaging concentration and purposeful determination.

Sir Hugh said...

gimmer - the test was to see if I could post including photos by emailing the post to my Blogger email address instead of using the Blogger app. The post has come across except there was some explanatory text about the photo which has not.

The photo was taken at the Apple shop in the Trafford Centre where I went with Jill who was having the delaminating screen of her Mac book repaired. My feelings about the Trafford Centre equate with those of my late old friend and climbing partner Tony - the story is much better for having known Tony, but here goes:

He went to a shop in Preston to buy shoes. They didn't have his size. The girl suggested he may find the size at their branch in the Trafford Centre - Tony's reply, "I'd rather go to the top of this building and jump off".

gimmer said...

guessed something like that but thought a little lateral musing might amuse - the pic is a very exemplar of concentration - almost fixation: in the hands of a Victorian painter, it would go on the gallery wall.
you know my views on supermarkets and malls - although Morrisons in Penrith, which I visited the other day, has a charming incompetence and naivete to humanise it a little (someone told that that was their hallmark everywhere - maybe there is hope !)

Sir Hugh said...

Gimmer - I can remember Morrisons before thei advent of supermarkets. They had a stall in the covered market in Bradford where they specialised by selling cut price lard and sugar. After that they acquired the old cinema building in Girlington and set it up as the first serve yourself style embryo supermarket - they were the innovators and were very successful over the years lead by Ken Morrison, a gifted Yorkshire entrepreneur, one of my brother Nick's clients for acquisition of further premises when Ken was building his empire. Quite a different background from our other leading supermarkets.

Anonymous said...

Great photo Conrad. Looks as though Katie is doing the 'test' for you, she probably would be more successful as they take to screens like ducks to water at that age.
I well recall the Tony story. When we were driving back on the M60 from climbing in the peak he would shudder when we passed the aforementioned shopping mall.