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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Boston to Barmouth - day 11

Beckbury to Much Wenlock - Wednesday 16th September

Last night and this morning I breakfasted in M and G's motor caravan. It is so comfortable and the conversation so convivial I could have stayed much longer, but there was a job to be done.

Severe rain had been forecast but I saw none all day. Pleasant walking had me between Coalport and Ironbridge for lunch where I found a bench to munch cheese sandwiches enhanced with Gayle's chutney followed by her tea bread - I really have been spoilt.

At Ironbridge I crossed paths with my 2008 LEJOG and more recently my Severn Way. It is difficult to devise a route that does not coincide with previous ones. There is one of those English gems in Ironbridge, and taking the slogan from another it is a "celebrated pork pie establishment". Despite being recently victualled I had to succumb which meant crossing the bridge when my route did not.

After that I missed some turning and found myself on an ever diminishing, perilous riverside path perched above the river. I knew there must be a proper path higher up and I had a desperate time scrambling up a steep banking, but I'm still here.

Next I followed an ambiguous Cross Britain Way sign pointing up wooden steps. I must have climbed five hundred of these right to the crest above the Ironbridge gorge only to find I had been misdirected, so it was back down again - all good fitness training; mmm!.

Why oh why didn't I take photos of the banking scramble and the steps?

Massive valley side reconstruction contra floods above the R. Severn between Coalport and Ironbridge

Long may Eley's continue

I think that will be three photos I have in my collection of this famous bridge

Looking down to Ironbridge from the top of the steps

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Gayle said...

It stayed dry (and even sunny this afternoon) for us too. All of the trees needing attention are now at least half their original height and all waste tipped; didn't expect to achieve that with today's forecast.

Did the shoes fare okay? We've held on to the old pair, just on case.

John J said...

I love the sign over the pie shop: 'Hand Raised Pork Pies'!

Phreerunner said...

I'd love to have done this walk with you Conrad. I'm just catching up, but notice you've been in Beckbury, just down the road from Ryton, where I lived from 1954 to 1961 after moving there from Wolverhampton. I went to junior school in Albrighton and often cycled to the Ironbridge area on trainspotting trips.

Happy Days!

Sir Hugh said...

Gayle - I sent you an email which I hope you've received. Shoes are fine. Please ditch the others. Well done with the trees. Thanks for everything.

John J. - there are some comments it is wise not to reply to, but I do appreciate your humour.


Phreerunner - that is true coincidence. Such a small village. I am enjoying this Macmillan more than the Boston/Abbotsbury