Thursday, 17 September 2015

Boston to Barmouth - day 12

Thursday 17th September

Much Wenlock to Church Stretton

Last night I was in The Pottery B and B at Much Wenlock. They run a serious well established pottery and if such is of interest it would be worth a visit.

Walking today has been uneventful, enjoyable, varied, and much more hilly. Sections of Wenlock Edge lived up to my memories of my LEJOG: horsey-churned up, muddy deep.

I am installed in The Buck's Head at Curch Stretton. I arrived to eat in the bar and selected a table then ordered a pint and retired to look at the menu, and realised I was within inches of the Muzak speaker, so upped and moved. A third of the way through my main course I was disturbed by sudden sound. A guy at the bar had switched on the large-screen telly directly above my head issuing the demonic sound of over excited football commentators. The switcher at the bar turned to drink his pint and ignored the noisy hype. I moved again.

Further round the bar, and now, thankfully further away from me since I moved for the sevond time there are a group of males and a woman who I have deduced is a dental nurse. They are becoming more and more influenced by drink - her laughter and stupid giggling are rising in crescendo and she may either fall backwards on the floor or be carried out soon - hopefully.

I couldn't resist buying a pie for later - early morning, Much Wenlock

View from Wenlock Edge

I think this farmer's great-grandfather was Houdini

A modest but smart looking little tractor. I've no idea of its pedigree - Alan to the rescue please

The Buck's Head, Church Stretton

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bowlandclimber said...

Hi Conrad, just back from the Stubai [no Wi-Fi] and catching up with your tractor spotting trip. You seem to be having fun. Love Gayle's -ing expressions, may I crib some for my own wanderings.