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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Boston to Barmouth - day 17

Lake Vyrnwy to Bala Tuesday 22nd September

Last night The "oggie" turned out to be a glorified Cornish pasty and I have to say it was delicious, but it was unimaginatively served on a token bed of mashed potato and nothing else. What a disappointment, especially considering the £11.50 price, for what could have been a good meal with a little more thought. I was still hungry. Normally I would go for a dessert but ended up ordering the paté from the starter menu. Now this arrived with a small Kilner jar containing a massive amount pâté and salad leaves, and four slices of toast and maybe something I have forgotten . It was good. The point is that this starter was much more of a main course than the Oggie. The place I was eating in was a good class bar offshoot of a very expensive spa hotel - the sort of people who should know what they are doing.

'Twas rain all day, on and off, never heavy. I pounded the six miles from the lake dam to its other end in 1hr. 40mins. There was nothing to see, it was tree lined on both sides
Four kilometres of mostly steep ascent followed to get to the watershed and the descent down the Hirnant pass. I felt fit and walked more or less non stop all day. From Lake V onwards the scenery just got better and better.

It is supposed to be fifteen miles from Lake V dam to Bala - not sure what my exact distance was ending up at the White Lion in the Main Street, but I took exactly six hours so that was a minimum 2.5 mph - not bad for an old codger.

Looks like I'm going to finish early on this walk on Thursday.

1881 to 1888. They knew how to build in those days. I love this architecture

On the way up to the Hirnant valley down the other side

All Tarmac but who cares with this kind of scenery

Now then you tractor buffs. What about this one?


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Anonymous said...

Pleased to see you continue to make good progress. Nearly there!

welshpaddler said...

Well done Conrad, an example to us all.

Sir Hugh said...

Coastal Walker - you're doing pretty well yourself.


Welshpaddler - it's Wales that's keeping my spirits up.

John J said...

The Oggie Man:

As ever, I'm thoroughly enjoying following your travels :-)