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Friday, 11 September 2015

Boston to Barmouth - day 5

Wednesday - Thursday 10th September

I have been doing a stile count from the start - so far 49. In the past I never thought much about them but now I battle with every one and that combined with stopping to check the map and route guide slows down average speed. The other big influence is terrain and today a lot of it was rough going across humocky fields and round field margins with no proper path.

Last night I had booked ahead with the help of the Plough (no Vdafone signal again) into the Falcon at Long Whatton where I lie now on my bed typing at 10:50 trying to catch up. Today time ran out. I arrived in Hathern about 5:30 which is late enough when I have to wash socks etc., shower, update blog comments, write the next post and have a meal at the pub. Unfortunately I had erred and my destination pub was two miles further on at Long Whatton. Furthermore they do not provide evening meals - the other pub is ten minutes walk down the village. So when I booked in they rang and booked me a meal for 7:30. I managed to have a hot bath and tend to other chores before rushing off to the pub where I was able to type and publish yesterday's post.

In amongst the hard going there was some good walking today, over Hotton Hills and Hickling Standard. It has been a fine day, walking and weather. At one stage I was approaching the gate exit of a field when a tractor rolled up cutting the hedge and blocked my exit. That was no problem for me to wait and watch with interest, and then I was motivated to take photo. The former promptly dismounted and asked me why I was taking a photo, "are you going to report me for blocking a footpath". Well that was the kind of challenge I enjoy. I soon had him calmed down and chatting amicably about my walk and his relations etc.

The terrain is becoming more hilly now and I have been seein large blue hills ahead. I have passed close yo Cropwell Bishop and Melton Mowbray but not partaken of cheese or pies. I lunched today in Wymeswold where I bought a salad cheese sandwich and a cherry cake and two hot coffees. The former of the two ended up all over the pavement as I exited the shop trying to carry too many things at once and getting my walking poles jammed in the door.

Now it is 11:20 and I am very tired, but will try to put some photos in. Posting will be tomorrow when I can access the pub' wifi, I hope.

You need to look carefully, or click to enlarge - the items were exactly as I happened upon them. My immediate thought was "which came off first?"

Late harvest is in full swing providing images of satisfying activity

Can anybody identify this caterpillar? I have never seen anything like it before.

Bad news. Arrived at this village after four hours non stop walking to find the village seat occupied.

There seems to be a double exposure - that's never happened before.

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The Crow said...

I googled and found a photo almost identical to yours. It is the larva of the Sycamore moth. It has spines amidst the soft fuzzy bits that can cause rashy irritation to sensitive skin.

My heavens, it is a beauty! I might've been tempted to pick it up.

The Crow said...

Here is the URL for the image I found:

Sir Hugh said...

The Crow - thanks for that. I will be interested to find out if it is a rarity in that parto for our country.