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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Cross Britain Way - day 3

Folkingham to Grantham - Tuesday 8th September

The village shop of chicken and ham pie fame, and my saviour last night came good with coffee after I had packed the wet tent. It doesn't leak but gathers condensation on the outer. Later it was spread out to dry in my palatial room at The Premier Inn, Grantham.

More varied and enjoyable walking today but with the worry of accommodation at the end of the day nagging. Premier Inn, Grantham was situated on the edge of the town and just two kilometres up the Grantham Canal from my route. I tried to phone but ended up waiting on a call centre at some extortionate cost per minute so I decided to chance getting a room on arrival.

There was only one room left, very appropriately for the disabled, and at a price which made me wonder at the burden heaped on the unfortunate. At the desk they said I may get it cheaper by booking on line, but pointed out that while I was trying to do that somebody else might beat me to it. Tired and weary and with my defences down I just let them get on with it.

Considering the cost there were no toiletries except for the hand soap dispenser, and only two tea bags, and one of the table lights didn't work.

One advantage was breakfast served from 6:30, but I failed to appear until 7:00. Fellow breakfasters seemed to be a mixture of drivers (must be the cream to be staying there) and suits. I spotted a few of the latter and was so thankful that I no longer have to live that pretence.

I am one day behind with posts. I'm typing this a day later at the Plough Inn at Hickling where I have only a limited time on wifi, and also need to get some charging done so more later including photos.

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afootinthehills said...

"I spotted a few of the latter and was so thankful that I no longer have to live that pretence". Oh, how I identify with that heartfelt observation Conrad.

Sir Hugh said...

Afoot - there was some satisfaction in my career when I was doing my own thing. The problem was with all the nonsense required by the hierarchy.