Saturday, 5 September 2015

Macmillan Way (Coast to Coast)

Day 1 - Saturday 5th September 2015


I am overnighting in Boston prior to starting this LDP tomorrow. I'm back at Y-Not guest house where I stayed earlier this year when I walked the MW Boston/Abbotsbury.

A pre-arranged visit to brother RR for a celebratory meal has dictated complicated logistics. Yesterday I drove to Hereford and stayed overnight with RR and V (thanks to you both for a good meal, good wine and good conversation).

Today I took the train from Hereford to Boston leaving my car at Hereford where I will travel to at the end of this walk for the aforementioned meal.

Regulars will know I have to wear the dreaded vascular support stockings. I had a new pair prescribed by my gp specially for this walk. When I opened them up they were the toeless kind and also flesh coloured rather than black - too late to sort out, so I have been wearing them. During the day I experienced pain in my toe joints and thought my feet had swollen in my trainers and as I walked to my B&B I slackened laces but eventually discovered it was the new stockings working like a tourniquet across the base of my toes - stockings removed - instant relief. Fortunately I brought the previous ones so I will be wearing those for the rest of the trip.

Went for a meal in a decent pub in Boston centre, 15 mins. walk. On the way back it was dark and a bit scary with groups of eastern European horticulture workers and other hoodies around. At one point a group of English youngsters addressed me, admittedly in a joking sort of way, "Have you got a spare split mate", but still a bit worrying.

I've booked a B&B in Donington for tomorrow. They have just sent me a text saying there is a fund raiser for Macmillan at the church in Wigtoft, a small village on the route where they will be serving refreshments until 4:00 pm. Sounds good. I may end up being converted.

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