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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Bardon Hill and six Marilyns near Hereford

Tuesday 26th April
Bardon Hill                         SK 480 132

Wednesday 27th April
Garway Hill                        SO 436 250
Aconbury Hill                    SO 505 330
Seeger Hill                         SO 613 390

Thursday 28th April
Worcstershire Beacon        SO 768 452
May Hill.                            SO 695 212
Ruardean Hill                    SO 635 169

Just for the record.

Set off from home 9:00 am to drive to Bardon Hill. Hailstorm on top. Biting cold wind. Drove to Mick and Gayle's where I had been invited for lunch. Thanks a lot M and G. Non stop conversation as usual, and time passed all too quickly.

Drove to stay with my brother (RR who comments here), and sister-in-law V.

Climbed three Ms Wednesday with RR. Garway Hill, proper little mountain, great views. Aconbury Hill ok but we were taken over by a guy walking his dog who seemed desperate for company and
wouldn't stop talking, and insisted on guiding us to the summit and another viewpoint, and then trying to dictate to us on our return route.

Seeger Hill we had both climbed before many years ago on a country walk when I was staying with RR and V years ago. The hill was nondescript. The trig point had to be accessed by a tresspass off the track.

Today I have been on my own. 9:10 am saw me off up Worcestershire Beacon. Bright sunshine, but freezing cold. Perhaps as good an all round view as from anywhere in England.

May Hill was a fifteen minute ascent from a minor road. The summit has a fine plantation of mature pine trees and views down to the Severn  estuary, a worthwhile top.

I now have only four English Ms left : Cheriton Hill, Folkestone, Wendover Hill, Kinder Scout, and Mickle Fell. Plans are in hand for the first two of those and the other two are no great problem.

Thanks to RR and V for super hospitality as always.


Mark said...

Surprised to see one in your list that I know - Garway Hill, lovely little hill that.

Sir Hugh said...

Mark - I reckon it was the best of the bunch on this trip.