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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Walton Hill (Marilyn)

Walton Hill SO 942 798

Tuesday 5th April. FINAL DAY

Having cleaned up all Ms in this area without encroaching any more on my intended visit to Hereford later this month I decided to do this lone summit out in the suburbs of Birmingham for my last day here. As it happens it was just less than an hour's drive.

The ascent was from a large National Trust car park taking less than fifteen minutes. A large flat topped summit gave extensive views in all directions, and surprisingly, judging from the number of cars parked below, I only saw two other people up there.

So just to sum up I have done 16 Ms on this trip leaving me 11 English Ms still to do out of the total 175.

The remaining 11 are problematically scattered:

Mickle Fell northern Pennines
Kinder Scout Peak District, Derbyshire
Bardon Hill Leicestershire
Wendover Woods Chilterns, Buckinghamshire
Cheriton Hill Folkestone


Within driving distance of Hereford for later this month:

Worcestershire Beacon
Seager Hill
Aconbury Hill
Garaway Hill
Ruardean Hill
May Hill

I am not sure how or if I will tackle the scattered ones. That will need some thought, but I would like to finish all the English Marilyns.

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Gayle said...

I was pleasantly surprised by Walton Hill. Considering how it looks on the map, tucked into a wedge-shaped 'dink' in the built-upness of Birmingham, I hadn't expected it to feel so out-in-the-sticks.

Bardon Hill is less than 30 miles away from our house, so if you can usefully use us as a stop-over on your travels to pick up the remaining scattered hills, then you'd be most welcome. The only potentially tricky thing would be catching us at home!

Anonymous said...

Conrad, I'm sure it is not beyond you to devise a grand north-south walk from Mickle Fell to Folkestone to mop up those few remaining.

Sir Hugh said...

Gayle - thanks for that. there are many logistical possibilities and your offer could well fit in


BC - oh dear! I hadn't thought about that. Can't wait to get back home to Mission Control and look at the possibility.

afootinthehills said...

Thanks for providing such interesting reading Conrad. BC's idea sounds interesting I must say.

AlanR said...

I would never have guessed that Kinder Scout had not be conquered by such a prolific walker. Goes to show.

afootinthehills said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
afootinthehills said...

Good point Alan. Come along Conrad - get a grip man -:)

Sir Hugh said...

All - I must have passed within a few hundred yards of Kinder Scout when I did the Pennine Way circa 1980 , but I can't count that.

Roderick Robinson said...

If Aconbury Hill is where I suspect it is I could knock that one off coming back from singing lesson. Not that I will: the revelations about singing pile up, leaving me more exhausted than any mere physical exercise could contrive.

Got a DIY problem for your delectation. Ever used a wire saw?

Sir Hugh said...

RR - Wire saw - immediate word associations - escaping from Stalag Luft 3, or part of the kit issued by the RAF, (along with a map on a silk handkerchief, and some doubtful shark repellant), to assuage their conscience over pilots who had to bail out in WW2.