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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Torridon 2

Saturday 20th August

Two- thirty and I've just landed in the Kinlochewe Hotel for tea and wifi after a five and a half hour up and down of another Marilyn:

Bidein Clann Rainaild NH 053 591

The start was straight from the caravan site. A rough rocky path lead up the edge of a forest onto open ground. There is a path marked on the map but it was intermittent and difficult to follow, and then had to be forsaken to strike for my summit over heather, bog and tussock. Good weather turned into hot sunshine and I am sitting here in the hotel bar with my shirt wringing wet. I asked the girl about their wifi. on 9 to 6 and 9 to 11 - she said almost apologetically, "we don't have it on for dinner, people must talk", so there you go.

I'm having to take my chances when I can to get wifi, and I don't have time to work ages over a more interesting report, but will keep trying; off for a shower now.

By the way I mentioned the new verb, to medal - for ages I have been using the verb, to summit.

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Gayle said...

I have no issue with the verb 'to summit', but everytime I hear 'medal' in the verb form (usually from Matt Baker), I hear 'meddle', so I'm not getting on with that development in the English language at all.

As for availability of wifi, my finding in the north of Scotland is that you can stop outside of any house at random and there's a very good chance that they'll host a BT hotspot.

I'm just planning some Scottish Marilyns myself for an upcoming trip, although the ones at which I'm looking are rather further south and east than your current position.

gimmer said...

i was about to comment that turning off wifi and mobile signals is gradually spreading to encourage socialising and defeat anti-social media. Despite its inconvenience for your blogging, for the greater good of mankind, we can wait . . .

You've got the very best of the weather - here we have had the highest winds and heaviest rains since the December storms.

Those sound good hills - I didn't realise that that area was still classed as Torridon, where I thought you (and I for some) had done them all.

Sir Hugh said...

Gayle - I'm glad to hear your implication that you are not fond of Goody Goody Mat Baker, neither am I.

It's just taken me half an hour to get on the Internet and post two comments. My patience is exhausted. Will try and include relevant thoughts to your comment in the next post if I can sort it.

Sir Hugh said...

Gimmer -well I'm not sure how Torridon is defined. I and you (some) have climbed the Munros but not these lesser peaks.