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Monday, 22 August 2016

Torridon 4

Monday 22nd August

Raining - walked to toilet block in shorts - back in the caravan my legs felt as though they are being pricked all over by a million needles, but head.and face ok - the little blighters must be lurking in dense battalions at ground level.

Yesterday pm and all evening my strong 3/4 bar EE signal disappeared - "no service". This morning it is inexplicably back and I even found I could open my blog and reply to comments with only three bars and no 3G! Here's hoping I can publish this comment, otherwise it will be a walk, through the "insectation" to the Kinlochewe Hotel for morning coffee. It is only about four hundred yards... I could drive?

I mentioned my love hate relationship with tech in a comment reply. My hopeless determination to press on with this relationship is impaired by a mind more inclined to the arts than science, hence my desire to overcome the problems of tech in order to strive for a better standard in my writing.

Examples of my woeful grasp of science are many, and often at a basic level - here this one sums it up.

Recently my camera ingested dirt on the sensor. Talking to Gimmer, my friend from schooldays who has a chemistry degree from Oxford I suggested that the dirt had been ingested as the telephoto lens retracted. Gimmer pointed out that it would be the other way round, the lens would suck in as it was extended, and blow out as it retracted. I'm not likely to get a job at NASA.

Rain still persists so it looks like book reading today - I have plenty to catch up on.

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Alan Rayner said...

I feel for you. Its dreadful weather here too.

John J said...

Oh bugger - is that the new camera? As Alan says, the weather's dreadful here too.

Sir Hugh said...

Alan R and JJ - it is no great hardship. I have plenty to read and yesterday was a bit tough so no big deal having a rest day. Tomorrow looks ok on the forecast.

Sir Hugh said...

JJ - no that was the old one thank goodness.