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Thursday, 21 October 2010

From Banchory 4

Wednesday 20th October

A glorious Autumn day but very cold. I drove to Ballochan at the end of a single track road with coverings of snow here and there. It had snowed during the night and I had to clear the windscreen on the car before setting off, and my water containers were partly frozen.

I walked up an old Scottish drover's road called The Fungle which goes from Aboyne south to Glen Esk; I joined it about halfway and walked to a high col and from there ascended Tampie (723m). I returned by the same route. Much of the track was covered with snow showing quite a variety of animal and bird tracks.

I am writing this the following morning (Thursday) sat in the caravan watching the rain and reading The Fatherland by Robert Harris. It doesn't look like I'm going anywhere today.
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  1. Fungle, Tampie - doesn't sound like Scotland. Are you sure haven't ended up on Rockall? Aboyne sounds like Ireland. Time to take out the GPS and check. Don't for goodness sake be guided by bird tracks; they're encouraging to be begin with but often they end inexplicably. As if the creature had simply...

  2. BB. Two points here. This part of Scotland is more to the east and therefore, maybe less Gaelic. I was beginning to wonder myself when one of the other summits (the one I turned back on) was called Brown Cow Hill. I was tickled with your use of the ellipsis, but at the time, which is the season for culling deer, I was more concerned about high velocity rifle bullets than a bit of buckshot.