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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Photoshop Elements painting

Here is the completed picture (previous posts refer to its subject). The fencing in the bottom righthand corner was a final addition involving exploration of the Line Tool. This facilitates drawing straight lines. The fence includes cross-wires, and after merrily drawing away I found that the creation was not embedded with the original layer so that If I moved that layer the fence stayed put. When I switched on the layers palette I found that the fence had been created by automatic production of 129 new layers! After some experimentation I found that by using the shift key and selecting the first and last of these layers they were all selected and then I was able to "merge layers", and then merge the merged 129 with the original. There is always something new to learn in Photoshop.

The picture will now be taken to my tame printer on a pen drive and he will print it onto good quality  paper at a size a bit larger than A4. The result looks  convincingly like an acrylic painting with discernible brush strokes and much more detail than is apparent on this small reproduction.
The template for my blog does not allow me to use "extra large" format for my photos. I know it is possible to change the template, and it is also possible to save a copy of the blog in case of disaster, but I am still reluctant to try in case I loose the whole thing. Has anybody else out there tried anything similar?


  1. I like the confident arm-swing of the walker (Rambler? Hiker?). He deserves a caption:

    My feet fear nothing.
    They are protected by Scholl's corn-pads.

    I detect a growing note of terror in your post as you contemplate the possibility of losing the whole thing. Perhaps you should include a man-hours total for the project.

  2. BB - thanks for your comment. In France, which is where he is, he is called a randonneur. My caption reads: “I’m sure I came past here an hour ago?” - not so confident, eh?