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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Floods, websites and cameras

Outdoor activity is curtailed awaiting a knee appointment on 9th January.

Daughter Jill ventured out today by car and phoned home to report floods on the road at Storth about a mile and a half from my house.  I motored down and took a few photos. This road often floods with a high wind, high tide combination, but I have never taken pictures before to add to my local photo folder.

The distant hills to the north-east are the Shap fells above the M6 - the water is the Kent Estuary flowing into Morecambe Bay

Back south-east to Arnside Knott - my house nestles under the lefthand end

I was there and back for this shoot within about ten minutes.

The camera used is new and arrived today. I bought this Canon SX150IS for £38 less than Amazon price from a website called Awooza. After ordering I had an unexplainable, uneasy feeling and browsed further to find out the camera was coming from Honk Kong and there were many unfavourable reports about Awooza citing bad service and the unexpected imposition of import duty. I contacted Pay Pal who agreed to refund if delivery time exceeded ten days from their involvement, or if I was asked to pay import duty. The camera arrived today after  being ordered on 16th December - all appears to be satisfactory, and I have cancelled the complaint procedure with Pay Pal.

Hopefully, further observations on this new toy will follow in forthcoming posts.


  1. I awaited a depressing denouement: "... worked perfectly until it slipped from my chilled fingers into the water and I was visited with an acute attack of déja vu..."

  2. L da P -Well, one goes through life trying to learn from one’s mistakes - I think you refer to one that is fading in the memory. Fortuitously that lesson was recently reinforced by watching daughter Jill spill a pint glass of blackcurrant juice over her laptop.That image is still raw in my mind, especially as it resulted in a claim on my household insurance, and for the moment I am living a life of exaggerated caution, so that’s the best I can do for you in the dénoument department.

    At least my boring post has produced another more interesting story.

  3. Yes - I have just noticed misspelling "dénouement".

  4. I have just insured my new laptop replacement - The IPad. The reaction of my father as the black currant drained its way through the keyboard of my laptop was far worse than actually loosing the laptop - the actual words, " I told you so" did not need to be spoken! gulp!

  5. I bet that curve in the road makes for some interesting driving in the deep of winter.

    Happy new year, Sir Hugh, to your family.