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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day was doubly poignant. My brother (18 months younger than me) has Altzheimers and he has been moved from a home in Leeming Bar to a hospital in Scarborough.

With daughter, High Horse, and granddaughter Katie, just gone three years old, we made the round trip of 330 miles setting off at 10:00 am and getting back home at 8:00 pm and all for a half hour visit with my brother. Although Nick recognises us it is impossible to have meaningful conversation, but he seemed fairly cheerful and pleased to see us, and the staff were kind and seem to be looking after Nick as well as is possible.

We did reflect at the eleventh hour as we were driving across Bowes Moor and a little later had a break at the Sutton Bank National Park Centre.

After leaving the hospital I was asked to drive along the sea front at Scarborough for Katie to see the sea, then I continued to follow sat-nav instructions. I quickly realised that sat-nav was now taking us home via York and Leeds because we had diverted from our inward route over Bowes Moor. Although I knew this was not the best plan I just went with it and that was a mistake leading to all the usual M62 start stop frustration.

Another World War reference came to mind - The Longest Day.

At Sutton Bank visitor centre


  1. That sounds quite a day Conrad, well done. Glad at least your brother recognises you but very sad situation.
    Travelling on any motorway beginning with a 6 is bad news these days and I have it to do today to visit my Manchester family.
    Hope the leg is improving.

  2. It's an act of faith, I suppose. Communication is at the heart of human relationships and we have to persist, even if there's precious little evidence that it's happening. I have just checked and Hereford to Scarborough round-trip is 470 miles. Even before my eyesight precluded driving I know I'd have ended up exhausted, perhaps more at risk of having an accident. But in the end that's just an excuse. I'm grateful about what you're doing for our sad brother.