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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Cartmel Fell (Outlying Fells)

In view of Blogger typing problems I am writing this in “Mail” which has decent formatting facilities, and I will then copy and paste into Blogger and see what happens.

In my last post I doubted my own intentions regarding completion of Wainwright’s Outlying Fells after being drawn into this exercise by my friend Bowland Climber who is so committed. My prevarication was questioned in a comment by Afoot, and here is my reply:

 "Ok, I know. I'm just kidding myself. I know I'm hooked. The next post will show me doing the next-to-last catch-up on BC (for the moment), that is walking the ones he has done that I haven't. We are also booked for Wednesday to do some more. There are 56 chapters in the book, each containing one or more of these hills to make a reasonable walk in each case. I have so far done 19 chapters, that is about a third. Some chapters can be combined to create longer, but still comfortable walks. Like Marilyns these minor hills take you to fascinating places you would  unlikely visit otherwise, and in some cases places which have little to recommend them.”

Well, yesterday I finished reading Voss (Patrick White - Australian) at 1:30, that is a novel based very loosely on an Australian explorer in the mid 1800s which imagines his meeting with Laura prior to departing for the interior, and intertwines their imaginary metaphysical love affair as Voss toils on his expedition. The prose is rich in metaphor, allusion and symbolism, and is quite difficult and profound, but still rewarding. Patrick White was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1973. Hoping I would not suffer similar privations to Voss ( my intended Outlying Fell covers only two miles with a modest 300ft. of ascent) I was off in the car up the Winster valley.

The ascent starts from St. Anthony’s Church at Cartmel Fell - Wainwright suggests:

"Ideal for filling in an hour while the rest of the family are inspecting the quaint church…

…excusing yourself from their company, go round the churchyard wall to the left of the lychgate…”

St Anthony's Church, Cartmel Fell - starting point

Cartmel Fell summit

Morecambe Bay

I continued from the summit to make a circular walk taking in this view of Sow How Tarn...
...and this mini Middle Tarn



  1. All formatting looks fine to me. I assume Live Writer (used by lots of Blogspot bloggers, because the Blogger user interface is awful) isn't Mac compatible?

  2. Gayle - I reckon you are correct about Live Writer. Blogger seems to be on-and-off, sometimes it is ok and on others not so. I can usually find ways round it, usually by writing the post elsewhere and then copying and pasting into Blogger Dashboard. I know some formatting can be sorted by going into html mode but it is so tedious trying to get those codes exactly correct. I have noticed on your blog that text is sometimes chopped slightly at the righthand end. I wonder if that occurs when others view it on their systems?

    I hope you are enjoying your "holiday".