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Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Army Land Rover and Katie's cat

Weather and other happenings have conspired against walking recently but modelling progresses steadily. Here are some illustrations for the Army Land Rover I am making..

Instructions for basic chassis assembly

Now assembled - colour original plastic of kit

More chassis detail assembly and engine installation

Now primed and painted. Quite a lot of intricate work here

Engine assembly


I keep my eyes and my ears on the alert for endless thoughtless and sometimes meaningless use of our English language. For a long time now I have been aware of almost everybody "going forward", but yesterday I was taken aback by someone "coming forward."



Katie's cat

I'm not sure about the odd eye. However it reminded me of a powerful but sad short story by Damon Runyon which I think was called Johnny One Eye and I believe later made into a film noir.



  1. That cat shows a lovely light touch, well done Katie. Is it their cat?
    No doubt, you need a light touch for all those models.

  2. VBC - not their cat. I was impressed by the detail of the little black spots the whiskers emerge from which I have noted myself in real life. The whiskers also seem to have a vibrant lifelike quality, not just a series of straight lines.

  3. Sorry about the typo "VBC" - perhaps, under present circumstances Virtual Bowland Climber?

  4. I think I know that cat: she draws out the essence of her subjects with but few subtle and sensitive lines : awe is appropriate.

  5. gimmer - Perhaps I am biased but I see a sort of confidence in boldly committing sketch lines to second place with that effective stronger outline. There is more but at the risk of accusation of nepotism I will leave it at that.