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Sunday, 18 September 2022

The Cottage

Saturday 17th November 2022 

A day out with granddaughter Katie and Mum, and Uncle Will.

Fish and chips at The Cottage on the outskirts of Blackpool. A famous venue frequented by many many stars of the stage and entertainment arising from their regular performing in Blackpool, as well as numerous politicians whilst attending their annual conferences. Their photos adorn almost ever inch of wall space. 

We ate at The Cottage as a family when we lived in Preston. That is well over twenty years ago so it was good to find this venue has survived allowing us to  indulge in some family nostalgia.

Photos were taken by Mum except for the final one below so Mum does not appear.

Afterwards we went on to  a "destination' - Barton Grange Garden Centre on the A6 north of Preston. This is a massive purpose built complex encompassing horticulture and all the usual gifty paraphernalia. As we browsed Katie tried on a hat and it so suited her I had to buy it and she was much delighted.

 Later at home I received the final photo seen below from Katie taken by herself on her mobile I think.

Katie with Uncle Will

More indulgence. Just squeezed in after the monster feed at The Cottage


  1. Lovely family outing. You did well to tackle that pudding after fish and chips - a few more trig points are needed now.
    I never knew of 'The Cottage'
    I've visited a few times whilst walking the front a restaurant called I think 'The Sea' near central pier - good but best out of the silly hats season.
    As a family we always went to the lights for Matthew's birthday (Oct 12th) with a car load of children and ate fish and chips in one of the villages, Eccleston or Inskip, on the way home

  2. BC - One of my life's little challenges ( humorously) is to try and go somewhere that BC has not been to. So, a bonus on top of a thoroughly good day out..

  3. I've yet to visit Whit Fell near Leyburn.

    1. Get some camouflage clothing and I'll let you know when WE are going.