Sunday, 31 May 2009

Post No. 5 (thunderbolt) - see Post No. 3

For Barrett Bonden:

Here is a pic. of a Thunderbolt for your delectation. If you can't read the script and want to please let me know and I will forward a better and larger pic by email.

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Barrett Bonden said...

Fastest single-engine fighter of WWII (Mosquito may have been faster); said to have exceeded Mach 1 in a dive. Typically the USAF slowed it down by loading it with heavy armament (tank busting rockets) but then there's no point in having a war plane if it can't make war.

Compression of standing material gives better sense of immediacy to blog. Lettering on main pic not easy to read. I take it you've played around with the size of this pic; to occupy box with my montage a width of 615 pixels did the job.