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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Post number 6

Well the main part of the decking is now finished. Edges will eventually be finished but materials and design have not yet been decided upon; I am awaiting the return of High Horse at the weekend. We are also considering cladding the planter under the trellis, perhaps with slate.

I attended my hospital appointment yesterday for a knee review. My appointment was for 10:00 am and they were already running forty five minutes late, so I suspect those with appointments for 4:30 may still be waiting?

The doc. told me to leave it to settle down for another four weeks, but gave me little hope of them being able to make any further improvements. Apparently they do not consider it bad enough for a replacement joint. Having digested all this I am now considering a trip to Scotland before the end of June to see if I can nail some more of the remaining nine Munros before the knee protests too much again.

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Barrett Bonden said...

Could be the setting for a son et lumière presentation of A Midsummer Night's Dream with a much reduced cast. Important tip: best actor gets to play Bottom.