Saturday, 21 August 2010

From Ardair - north west Scotland

Yesterday was a fine morning but very windy. I climbed Cul Beag. There were fine views of Stac Polaidh until I got into cloud. There were two brief clearances on the summit giving wonderful combination seascape and mountain views. I got caught in the rain on the way down. My circuit brought me to two kilometers from my car on the road and within ten minutes I was offered a lift which I accepted.
Last night the wind really got up. The caravan was moving violently and I genuinely feared it would go over. This persisted right through the night and I hardly slept.
This morning I saw the caravan next to
me had his awning totally destroyed. The site owner has a weather station and had recorded gusts of 62 mph. The wind has persisted today. I have ascended a small hill from the site but it would have been folly to attempt anything more serious. Wind allowing I may do Canisp tomorrow.

Stac Polaidh

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