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My blog nick-name is SIR HUGH. I'm not from the aristocracy - my middle name is Hugh which relates to the list of 282 hills in Scotland compiled by Sir Hugh Munro in 1891. I climbed my last one (Sgurr Mor) on 28th June 2009


Wednesday, 4 August 2010


My Lowestoft/St Bees Head walk is renamed Norfolk/Patterdale after I aborted on 9th July.
Since then hours have passed on the computer integrating the journal and photos. 
The cut on my shin has not fully healed.  Apart from short walks with Jill’s dog Jake I am grounded.
Some months ago I converted to Apple but installed Parallels to run a virtual Windows machine on the Mac. To produce a book through Lulu’s website the ms has to be in Microsoft Word. Almost at completion Word crashed, perhaps because I had too big a file - the photos were integrated with the text.
I still had text and photos and started again, adding photos after the text for each day. Today Windows crashed. I  get the screen saying “Windows is closing down” and cannot proceed.  I am now awaiting a reply from  Parallels help team.
Yesterday my iPhone stopped receiving signal and has been sent back.
In some ways I am proud that, at my age, I have dragged myself into the world of tech, but sometimes I wonder how much more I can take. At the moment I feel philosophical about the current problem, and do not see it as a threat to my wellbeing. What is more important is healing of the leg,  and visiting Scotland before BST ends so I can listen to stags from on high rutting in the glens below. 


  1. Sorry to hear about your injury and I hope you are fit for your trip north. Somewhat ironically, we will be in the Lakes then!

  2. I believe there are services other than Lulu that may be less restrictive. Even if you separate pix and text as an interim measure, they will finally have to be integrated. In looking for an alternative publisher the logical course would seem to be one that takes Mac files. Macs predominate in the DTP world and DTP is what your're doing.