Thursday, 2 September 2010

Book publishing

Both my books are now available from Lulu Publishing.
Both books have a day to day journal and many full colour photos
The prices below return a percentage to me as indicated which I would undertake to donate to Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Land’s End to John o’Groats (77 days)
Journal and pictures
Hardback £30.00 plus postage - nets £5.12 for MND
Download £10.00       nets £7.18 for MND
The Broads to The Lakes (28 dayus)
Journal and pictures
Hardback £21.97 plus postage (net price - nil return to me)
Download £7.28       nets £5.00 for MND
To purchase:
Google: Lulu Self publishing...
Select: “Buy”
Enter in search box: “Land’s End” or “The Broads to The Lakes” - this should then display details for purchase or download of the appropriate book.
I have nearly finished the same exercise for my GR10 walk (traverse of The Pyrenees) - details to follow.

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