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Sunday, 11 October 2015


Here is the slideshow of my recent walk from Boston to Barmouth

280 miles

18.5 days

Click on the link, then click on the first photo to start the slideshow in full size



John J said...

A lovely record of your walk. I just love your photographs, along with your writings you've captured the very essence of a long distance walk :-)

gimmer said...

I enjoyed this your E to W walk and the slide show - the Shropshire hills were a revelation - but never been a fan of mid-Wales - albeit through fog and rain - but your pics make it look more interesting than I recall . . . .
I can understand your comment about this route being more of the England you relate to, compared with the Cotswold/Southlands version - you can probably now understand why Bucks was never a good base for even a quite distant 'driving day' walking - does not satisfy a soul bred in northern lands

Sir Hugh said...

JJ - thanks. Mission accomplished.


gimmer - The Welsh coast is as good as anything in the UK for scenery and ambience - the mountain interior is similar, but the lesser rolling hills are more of an acquired taste, which has steadily grown on me.

Frank Bellairs said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the tales from your walk - with the nights drawing in then there is little to observe on the commute home so your stories make the evening travel appear to go so much quicker.
You are covering areas that I am not at all familiar with which makes the stories, for me, more interesting.

Many thanks

Sir Hugh said...

Frank Bellairs - welcome to the blog. I reckon I have a number of readers who refrain to comment, but comments provide motivation to continue. You mention your commute but I have no idea whether you enjoy your occupation but I got early retirement from a job which was reasonably rewarding in 1994, but i have certainly enjoyed the years since. Thanks for your kind words.